Thanksgiving Green Lake House

Giving thanks to a great family and special thanks to daughter Jessica Lake for one of the best Thanksgivings courtesy of her little Lake house. The image is not what it looks like now yet the way things are headed and blessings of Jessica, by Spring 2019.

The beach lot is not large yet is in the coolest, hottest and funest places on the coast! If local codes were to permit, it would be build on higher stilts with parking underneath as it is on the water and wet happens. However, the image is what I see that could be done simply removing and re-purposing the existing structure adding privacy and creating a net-zero Lake house the entire family and friends will enjoy.

After all, life is about the good people in your life. In many advanced societies, wealth is measured by the quality of the people one calls loved ones and for that, I am a gabillionaire and then some!

And with being Green as the center of my passion, the things I can return to those great people in my life and world are things that save money, health savings with pure drinking water, clean indoor air, non-toxic furnishings, choices in Green medicine, even cool Green cars and houses. All on GreenTV and, by Spring 2019!

Thank you universe, old and new great people!




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