It’s Electric! Busted in Green Car!

OK, it’s silly yet it is a Smart Car and Sunday! This was sent by brother Ed to make a point about causes and purposes in today’s crazy world.

In this case, using a Green Smart car designed as an original fossil-free (foot-powered) Green car makes a point for the Fred Flintstone creator. It also got him world-wide media attention including how this story may go forward in reaching new minds and eyeballs curious for creativity!

So it is finally Sunday, full moon coming in it’s been a very Green week for GreenTV!

We have been in Chicago at GreenBuild, the world’s largest Green event of the year. We covered World Diabetes Day in Canada,  It has been Green for  the newly launched GreenTV Wisconsin partner MyGreenBuild at GreenBuild which promises to change the way you will build your next Green home or community. And for Weed Investors in industrial Hemp and Medical Weed, the newly launched WeedInvestor in time for MMJ L.A. Expo.

All of these, their projects and people are going to make 2019 the Greenest year on record. And it all begins with you, the Fred Flintstones and creatives!


To make a point,



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