Lenape Lady Full Moon

Lady Lenape (Delaware’s own Ruth Ann Purchase) recently wrote this simple knowledge request during this full moon. Please consider her request given she represents the futures of the original Green American native languages. And thanks to Harold Spierenburg for matriarch imaging! Great seeing you again Harry, join us at the full moon fire/water rituals and thank you Lady Lenape for all you do for so many generations every day!

Lady Lenape to tribes everywhere writes; Please, respond & CC me!

“I’d really love to bring some balance to this discussion and I’d really like to know what your Anthem would be personally and for the nation!

Someday I believe we will have a new flag and a new national anthem that celebrates unity, not war.

Please, pass this on so that many respond with the songs of Honor and Peace.”

Respond here, to Lenape Lady or to the contest here https://www.npr.org/series/622671774/american-anthem?utm_source=npr_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20181116&utm_campaign=best-of-npr&utm_term=anthem




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