Meetings of the Mind

The real power in the universe seems like money yet it is in the mind. Money came from one mind and meetings created something others live, suffer and often die for.

Pursuit of a powerful idea like money it tempting yet what if great minds aimed higher than what money has become? Today is an opportunity, seize or lose it to thinkers who act. The story today is about gained or missed opportunities. Way back when World Think Tank was created, the experts had given me a few days left on earth and Hospice was bed side and ready to wrap it (me) up.

However, I had a thought. What if they were wrong about the outcome?

Nearly a quarter century later, the thought I created in my own mind when dying gained a few more years of this we call life. Yet more importantly, it created the opportunity to share how I survived against all odds.

Perhaps the desire to live, see my daughters, grandchildren and their children kept me going when modern medicines failed. Or, if you think about it, maybe the universe kept me here to formulate the natural ingredients that saved my life to share with loved ones, friends and complete strangers! And free for the asking so no one is left out of healing.

Today, thanks goes to the ability to think, meet with like-minds and act to help all women and man kind.



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