HempCrete, GreenBuild, Fire Proof?

It often takes an image to explain a concept. With dyslexia, nearly everything requires images yet manage to communicate. Video would be better and an editor best yet for now, imagine.

Imagine a one of the most used materials on the planet going from the world’s worst to one of the best. Questionable? Just ask attendees going to GreenBuild, Jay McDonough at My Green Build or the Green experts gathering at Weed Investor this week at GreenBuild! And yes, a few plugs here and there yet not needed with the image and sculpture by Ben Young of Broken Liquid.

Yes, concrete, that way old thing used in nearly everything is getting a new image as clean, green material with a thousand uses in the building and fire-prevention trades which is ideal for GreenBuild and Mother Nature. Why not build to HER specifications as she is in control.

Without further ado, the product attracting $Green investors and world attention is Hemp as in Hempcrete to replace most uses of Concrete! And the image is (to me) is what Hempcrete would look like in sculpture form! Many thanks to World Hemp Expert Barbara Filippone at Hemp Capitol in Colorado of EnviroTextile teaching the world about Hemp for several decades!

And register to win a print of Ben Young’s Broken Liquid. Not at GreenBuild but here..


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