Tell the Truth Day!

Today is a day of thanks for our Veterans and those who gave so much for our freedom. Society is still trying to hide the truth about many things like this short, cute and harmless video showing the truth. Man-made problems are real. Pollution, addiction and depression of the facts are killing us yet let’s not hide. The answers to happier people, planet and solutions are in the awakened, those willing to speak about alternatives to man-made miseries.

Isn’t it time to stop being socially correct when others are poisoning air, water, food and products? When inexpensive FDA approved Weed extracts to save loved ones from disease¬† are by passed over man-made toxins. When the water from your tap is no cleaner than polluted rain water. Step up, speak out and act today! And thank a Veteran today for your rights and freedom!

Thank you Guardian and Greenpeace



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