Weed Investors Win!

It was a life-long bet, fortune and reputation invested. U.S.A. Medical Cannabis Patent 7597910 for degenerative disease prevention, treatment for Cancer and a great success rate while building the immune system was on the line.

With the recent Green political rush, the nation has voted pro-research. And the people I have volunteered my extracts to for the past 2-decades will soon be able to quickly order Patented, safe medical CBD/THC on Leafly, Weed Investor and eventually GreenTV. With the masses now realizing in it’s natural form as a weed, it is harmless to the head and nothing less than a miracle for the body! It is also a boom for Green jobs and benefits too long to list yet all wonderful!

Having lived over 2-decades after days from dying, losing too many family, friends and others I could not reach, I will promise this. If you need the patented, safe, proven medicines now available, tell the people who were just voted in that you will settle for nothing less! More research, more open minds to plant-based medicines over man-made toxins.

Allow the good Green Doctors to prescribe nature over man-made greed and corruption. Lets reduce addictions, depression and imbalance! Best always, JDL



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