Love Your Red Hair Day!

Lot’s of people have one of the most preferred natural (and not) hair colors or families, friends and such. My oldest sister Carolyn, brother Edmund and many generations which was even more rare in native Delawareans. Yet all colors of skin have those with rare hair referred to as red yet like skin, many shades of red. Anyway, this is about you, your uniqueness, specialness and impending greatness of this and forward days!

To the red hair I can think of in 60-seconds besides family are Brandy, Tanya, Ann, Rashi, Sonya, Terra, Henriette, Barbara, Karen Caren, Carris, Zoe, Velvet, Lightfoot, Fire Fur, and Queen Red! Your turn or look here for famous red locks courtesy of my red haired friend Lola at Gannett!


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