It’s Electric! An EV, SUV, Off Grid!

A Green crossover, all purpose, all weather office, hotel room, no wires, plumbing or hassle. Zero emissions, near zero-cost, pays for itself in reduced fuel, maintenance costs, reduced insurance and can be a legal tax write-off as an office, primary or even a second home deduction! We contacted the tribe at the OutSide company who design, build and market these “make sense and dollar’ vehicles about a GreenTV RV EV rolling studio for yours truly and will keep you posted. The privately pre-owned one we drove was nice yet saw the world a few times and probably an original from founder Erik E!

The tribe at Outside Van company may not want to hear some of the suggestions our Green RV viewers and buyers of  past 20-years. However, they are already near-perfect now and suggestions few yet. They are simply what we hope the tribe will build for the vehicle I plan to spend 2019 in filming. I also hope to add to their incredible marketing by doing daily 1-minute educational videos. The short video Intro would show 7-seconds of the Outside Van GreenTV RV driving and parked. The middle content would be interviewing those who have never saw a Green RV. The  Outro showing Green RV going off  to the next interview. Maybe even hop from location to location with our affiliation at the hundreds of monthly Green Drinks network in hundreds of cities and to a city near you. Stay tuned and thank you Erik for a Green idea that will help people, planet and profits way beyond monetary!






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