Native American New Moon

On this month, Native Americans survive to celebrate recognition of existence. However, we continue to ignore the knowledge of the original Green people. November has been granted as Native American month and what could you learn?

Let me ask. What if plant and mineral based formulas existed to prevent most modern ills of mental and physical issue? Ways to treat ailments without resorting to modern cut, burn and poison methods where the patient is not cured but becomes a revenue source for the remainder of their lives or bank account?

What if a “medicine man” learned these formulas and cured his own terminal Cancer when cutting, burning and poisoning failed? Then went on to obtain a plant and mineral based patent to share freely with anyone instead of fortune? What if other formulas were being made, tested personally by this medicine man to treat addictions, disease, depression and more?

What if this man has shown doctors, scientists and countless others he wagered his life on these formulas and won? Lastly, what if this man has created a way to keep the tribal teachings, language and formulas alive with our native Americans?

As we enter this new moon and appreciation of native Americans, as a survivor, medicine man and empath, I ask your help to help others. The formulas being created are based on factual science, 3rd party tested and “alternative” medicines are being researched for the first time since prohibition. I can create many natural formulas yet the one for success in helping others is in you.






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