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16 April 2018


If you have flown over or come by water to our commercial coasts, the views have been less than welcoming however, as my friend Stormy Cunningham writes, that may be changing soon. Delaware is my home state, proud of it and reading locally in the Delaware News Journal paper, approval has been given to re-use some of these lands for business and pleasure. Think Green tourism or at the very least, a Greener Delaware! However, this is not Wilmington, Delaware yet it could be a futuristic map for those recently approved acres of commercial zoned acres along the Delaware river.
So what did Revitalization News and Storm have to write about this possible dream come true for many in this city of Wilmington in Los Angeles? “This project includes a waterfront promenade, pedestrian plaza, parking lot, realignment of Water Street adjacent to the railroad tracks and parking.
This will create a “window on the waterfront” for the Wilmington community, with the promenade measuring approximately 1,300 feet in length and 30 feet wide, and providing spacious public access to the water’s edge adjacent to the Banning’s Landing Community Center.
Project improvements to the eight-acre site will include landscaping, irrigation, signage, lighting, and site furnishings such as public seating, bike racks and public drinking fountains. Design of the project will entail realignment of Water Street to a northeast/southeast direction to parallel existing railroad tracks. A freight facility currently on the property will be demolished. Project improvements will also entail landscaping, irrigation, signage, lighting, as well as site furnishing like public seating, bike racks and public drinking fountains.”
So, could this be first image for the larger steps of the First State to become Green from the waterfront into larger projects in Delaware? Stay tuned..

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