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12 April 2018

A green TV

Would this be the ideal green TV of the future? An organic liquid visual display derived from commercial hemp, the inside components like organic roots connecting with each other in nearly invisible electrical charges generated by the human/humans or pets watching! Naaah, just a designer making the reality a bit closer as we become to recognize real Green televisions, TV’s viewing devices or whatever you call them are coming. And, when they do, we will cover them, promote them, heck, maybe even sell them because the mess we have now with standard TV is well, a mess. Miles of high trashed old TV’s, a few bits recycled yet most end up in the landfill polluting lands, water and when burnt, our air.
Enough with the down side of now and look into the display of the ARTE TV. And from Behance TV’s outlook on this minimalized offering.
“The TV screen got bigger as time passed, but it’s thickness became even thinner. As TV set became thinner and thinner, the elements of design got less and less on it. Most TVs which were recently released have become surprisingly thin. This means TV sets have been smaller in volume, too. However, some TVs have taken their way to become bigger than smaller. These TVs focused on their own beauty of the forms that TV can possess, not the simple technical strength aggregation. ‘ARTE’ pursues a beautiful TV not just a thin one. I hope I can show a different TV design through a form which has never existed before and present a proposal another direction that the design of TV can proceed. ARTE is a great work that will make the user’s space shine. The speaker which shaped a rock and the screen connected to it proposes a new TV design which was not seen in the past. Stone which supports the frame of the TV set is the center of gravity, and also the speaker of the TV. The sound that spreads in all directions through the Acoustic Lens on the bottom lets the user hear superior sound wherever he/she is. The screen like being stuck in a rock eliminates all unwanted elements and it helps the user get more involved on the screen. It’s a TV, a furniture, and also a masterpiece that will shine the user’s space.”, courtesy of my friend’s at Behance!
And now, back to reality, we keep on in our search for the most greenest TV, phone, water filter, product, person, luxury getaway, hemp fashion, energy source and like minds during this upcoming new moon! Stay tuned..

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