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10 April 2018

Cover Up!

No, not the bad type of cover up. In face, what a great P.R. team they have in addition to the team of Care & Wear! It would be easier to name where they have not recently appeared than where (or wear) and getting the good word out there. Most have all experienced the less than fashionable hospital gowns that do little to cover and feel more like a scratchy loose bag than a gown. I experienced this battling Cancer years ago spending much hospital, intensive care time in (and out) of these gowns, with the outs being quite embarrassing. Fresh stiches, wounds and life support also are uncomfortable in the standard issue gowns. From a clean, green standpoint and a few decades of research, I can suggest a MAJOR improvement which I sent to Care & Wear and sharing with world Hemp expert Barbara Filippone in Colorado. Make it from one of the oldest, most durable and anti-germ fabrics in the world which EnviroTextiles and Barbara’s team can refine to near-silk feel and look. However, from a cost to benefit ratio, these very cool designed gowns do not have to feel like a runway designer gown. Just make them more comfortable and as economical as standard issue and the world has a winner! Barbara Fillipone’s birthday is coming up soon and going to personally introduce she and her team to Chat Rasdan and his team at Care & Wear. If all goes well, the next major media push will feature non-toxic, rip, burn resistant, green hemp gowns and other fabric products from Care & Wear made right here in the United States by our own farmers and people like Barbara. Happy Bday Hemp Queen and stay tuned..

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