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01 April 2018

It’s Electric!

Make no doubt about it, 2,3,4 and more-wheel electric vehicles are coming your way. They are strong yet silent, fast yet humble and most of all, they are Green in sooo many ways.
Let’s take an imaginary scenario with John the farmer getting up before dawn, the air smells clean, all is quiet while walking to the farm to fire up the John Deere. With John’s old fossil fueled tractor, the noise and noxious fumes would soon fill the air. With his new E-Deere, it’s clean, quiet and John can be on his way to the fields in peace and begin greening his fields for the season crops.
When it comes to maintenance, John used to have to haul the machines back to the dealer and now, most of the diagnostics and servicing can be done over the internet. What used to comprise of thousands of parts to go bad and usually hard to get to and now simple plug-in replacements.
Besides the savings in time and money for repairs and maintenance, John’s fuel comes from clean and green sources such as wind, sun and even water from small hydro-power turbines in the farms streams. And now Jim has switched to green vehicles and energy, excess energy generated can be stored in the E-Deere’s batteries and other battery storage to power the main and out buildings saving farmer John even more money. In fact, John will be soon able to sell the excess energy he produces back to the electric company. John’s decision to go green is saving in so many ways while creating a new income source as a green energy producer!
And for the future, John no longer spends quality family and productive farm time going to farm shows and dealers searching for the best deal on his new equipment or replacements parts. John can now sit in the comfort of his own home, fire up his Internet-ready big screen TV, watch informative videos, read specifications and have it shipped directly to the farm. Now John has everything green he needs at the lowest cost while cutting out the many middlemen making money on John from days past. And it’s not just farm stuff that John has bought on-line. John saved money and did the planet better from everything from earth-friendly toilet paper to his solar panels. The winds turbines, even the water micro-turbines, his E-Deere’s, his family pick-up truck and more are all coming from a trusted source who works directly with the manufacturers, producers and distributors for cleaner, greener money saving products. Again, an imaginary scenario coming soon to a farm near you!

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