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30 March 2018

Wish Moon

As one green person loving Mother Nature, her moons, tides and inhabitants, the first spring moon on 3.31.18 has a special meaning to many. While some will allow it to pass by with barely a look, others will spend the evening looking up in the stillness of the night. Those of us feeling the lunar energy re-charge will offer appreciation and ask this special moon cycle to grant our wishes (visions, wants, needs) of a brighter future.
The “Wish Moon” on Saturday evening comes at a pivotal time when the frustration of so much negative news hits us daily zapping energy and hope. Fear not, those on this side of the positive here at the 2411 green studio are teaming to create daily positive affirmations in text, still images and video. As most are taxed on time, commitments and life, there are no obligations, high-hopes or shoot for the moon aspirations. If you want or need us, we’ll be here to help or guide you to a greener life. Just make a wish, click your heels and your Green De jour will appear soon!

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