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27 March 2018

Air EV

What if I said 20-years ago, electric cars would be all of the rage and driverless electric vehicles would come soon? Well I wrote about them in my weekly Ask the Auto Historian column for Gannett (think USA Today) and most thought me quite the odd man out. To this I say, Elon Musk, Tesla and every major car manufacturer in the world is in on EV’s (electric vehicles). I figured if no one would take me seriously in one of the largest news outlets in the world, I would create my own media outlet, for Green technology, the latest in all things Green! Going on 23-years, still trying to find a “patron” to believe in my visions and still writing about the latest in Green.
And allow me to explain why this is not so far out. If Elon Musk can build an electric car, put it in the nose of a spaceship and travel millions of miles on very little fuel, I believe an electric powered flying “car” is quite feasible.
Yet don’t take my word (s) for it, read all about the Airis One, see the photos, specifications and frequently asked questions here at AirisOne

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