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24 March 2018

Next FB?

Tesla head Elon Musk deleted his as did many or planning to, value is going down in flames yet there is good news! What could that be? According to tech and media forward thinkers, this is an adjustment, just like stocks, bonds and things that adjust. The future is in smaller, local hubs where people know people, like really know people. A place where trust was built long ago and is returning to like minds. Think horse people, artists, vegans and yes, even green people like the many chapters of the United States Green Building Council (LEED;green-rated buildings) where they connect on local web sites, form their own communities outside FB and others. This is not to say where the entire future is headed yet an insight to where we will find trusted information like jobs in our own industries, funding for honest film makers, acting all the way to products our inner groups trust and use. The point is now is time to clean up your website, make it real and real user friendly, offer a job board, a funding board, real interaction like the experience in a Mom and Pop store, friendly, trusted, you want to go back, give them more business. It’s called people helping each other, supporting passions of others, exchanging valuable information, building real friends, not just likes. And thanks to Jim Malatesta, Dr. Debra, Keenan. K. Rudolph, David the film guy, Montana Bassett, Tyelor Farmer, Carolyn Lighty, family, friends that have helped form this story and the future!

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