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23 March 2018

Busted w/Green

Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge Cancer survivors get no respect. Step out of the box and next, busted. It’s been 23-years for me, still looking over my shoulder while watching others like Melissa get busted for fighting Cancer themselves, for loved ones, friends or sometimes even complete strangers who are ill. Even research on a freaken plant given to us by Mother Nature (a fav of Etheridge and Crow) is still illegal to (we) Cancer survivors seeking medicine so the Big C will not return! Trust me, I have tried for a few decades. Roadblocks, personal funding, Narcs (undercover police agents), “friends” stop speaking, feeling all alone and next, dead. What then, wait another generation? Well NOT for our girls on the front lines! Even though Melissa was recently arrested, Ms. Crow questioned, one then questions the President wanting to execute “drug” pushers leaving Big Pharma OK with killing (no one ever died from weed in like 2,000+ years) while our top A.G. says people on marijuana are very bad people, should be put in prison and shamed. Right, I’ll go with the music girls and a few of the guys with kahuna’s large enough to fight for their right to natural, Momma Nature given plants. Anyway, rant for week. Back to the rest of the green world and rooting for Cancer survivors, friends fighting Cancer, folks that do not want to get Cancer and Cancer research. Come on Delaware, at least to us Cancer survivors that know what it is like to go without something your instinct tells you is right, natural and our ancestors utilized. Let US DO medical research! What, who the hell is it going to hurt? I will make a public wager. When those controlling Mother Nature now and their families or friends get Cancer, are they going for the “best” money can buy or those who have lived to survive it? My money, in fact my life is on what has kept me here and could possibly help you in the near future. Peace, JDL

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