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22 March 2018

Bag o Books!

Being on the East coast during a major snowstorm and landing up in a library just happened to be a great thing. Upon walking into the Wilmington, Delaware Woodlawn Branch Community library, I spotted what I felt was the deal of the day! At the counter was a grocery bag full of a variety of unknown books for $2 (two) dollars! I may operate a Green TV station yet watch no television and love reading! I walked up and encountered several smiling faces and inquired. It seems I had stumbled upon a very Green idea of repurposing books at pennies on the dollar as some of the books in my surprise bay were $20+, in great condition and a good add to my own humble library! Asking further, I found that many libraries across the country began this as an experiment and now (possibly)offered in a community near you. So now hunkered down, snow is a few feet deep and more coming, the fireplace is glowing, have Spam the four legger at my feet. With a glass of Blanc, warm and toasty I am beginning to read one of the many new finds of literary pleasure and escape to who knows where the author will take me! Many thanks to innumerable librarians day in and out providing great adventure in a very Green way!

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