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10 March 2018

Like Mind?

It took several decades to build, one Hurricane Sandy to wipe out. And yet it all now all makes sense. My Lake-Green project was way ahead of its time and located in an area where people still think a Green house is a place to grow plants. And don’t get me wrong, I was the odd-person out, not them. Most living on the water care very much for the planet yet beyond looking out for the next natural disaster (which happens more frequently now), going Green is keeping the basement dry, boats floating and near-mandatory backup power source/s. I was every bit the water man (last name is lake), did all what others did, just a bit more. I had way larger plans than just surviving and as it turns out, my favorite Momma nature girl had her own big plans!
So my story is this. I was in a good place at a bad time and I don’t mean Hurricane Sandy. I was simply not living among like mind. Even now, here on this part of the East coast, going Green is still an odd topic and major learning curve. Discuss going Green, hemp as fashion clothing and cannabis as medicine, three strikes and not to this green guys favor. Sorry, it’s just the way I think and talk! People living on the water and in this area are great folks, just a bit conservative.
In closing, what brought all this about was book given to me recently by friend Marcia Wendel and like mind. The book is called “Real Artists Don’t Starve” and as I write, grappling with the outcome. Do I need to go to where like minds are or (as the book does NOT recommend) expect like minds come to me? And I do not mean the occasional train or plane trip to do an interview and talk to like minds. I mean pack me and GreenTV up, get out of town! Let’s see, my daughters are grown, extended family is good, debt-free and no anchors holding me in one place. Perhaps I’ll build another dream Green home for someone, construct the fully Green yacht that has been on the design board for years, start making GreenTV fun again! I guess it all begins with being in the right mind and as the book says, being with like mind..My best to all, JDL

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