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05 March 2018

Dew You?

Dew you love fresh tasting pure water that is also good for you? Water purification comes in many ways and I prefer mine natural as in Mother Nature. However, not all have access to naturally cleansed water and that is where the DewDrop water purifier designed by Hyun Yeol Shin comes in. Hyun informs us that dew is one of the few ways to collect safe drinking water in the wilderness! In the urban jungle, however, DEWDROP is the safest! Inspired by the majestic look of morning dew that collects on a leaf, the aptly named DEWDROP provides an elegant source of purified water in any kitchen interior. Its unassuming spout mimics the form of a blade of grass weighed down by fresh dew. This abstract replication is enhanced by graphics on the surface that look similar to the veins on a leaf. Minimalistic touch-and-tap controls allow for intuitive temperature setting and glass size specification. Its slender form and small footprint make it ideal for maximizing counter space in compact living spaces. Find the DewDrop filter on (where else) Amazon and have a great Monday!

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