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04 March 2018

It’s Electric!

Electric motorcycles, bikes and trikes are very cool, fast and fun! All American Zero EV’s to European Vespa’s and hundreds in between. We are setting up the new GreenTV studio for al all-electric fleet of 2,3 and 4-wheel EV’s to display, drive, review and educate others on the many benefits of Green electric transportation! Christopher Jones 2014 Voltron is converted to electric from an original 1985 Suzuki RG250 and not his first attempt. Christopher says “Voltron Evo is my second electric motorcycle. I started designing it in the middle of 2011 after Voltron, my first bike proved to be a heap of crap.
The chassis is a completely custom build, magnificently crafted by Framecrafters Inc, USA. Completed in 2014 it has proven to be the fastest electric motorcycle in Australia. Steered by a couple of very fast riders, this bike holds the electric motorcycle lap record at Sydney Motorsports Park (Danny Pottage, WA, 1:42.801 23-Nov-2014); Mallala Motorsports Park (Tim Boujos, WA, 1:15.723 29-May-2016) and Queensland Raceway (Thyron Van Vuuren, WA, 1:15.481 30-Oct-2016)”. Specs (beginning with frame) are 2014 Voltron Evo. Fully custom ground-up build. Framecrafters Inc (Union Illinois, USA) fabricated the frame. Motor is an Evo Electric AFM140-4 3-Phase Can, Evo Electric axial flux motor, AFM140-4 (four turns per pole). Capable of peaks of 200 kW, the motor is liquid cooled. Serial #120 – the last motor made by Evo Electric before being sold to GKN. Battery power is from 168 Herewin (Haiyin) LiPo pouch cells (5 Ah each), 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Polymer. The battery pack is a custom built LiPo pack 168s,2p (620 V nominal, 10 Ah). Custom polycarbonate enclosure makes for a safe, short-proof battery. Total capacity of the race battery is 6.2 kWh, but there’s room for 12 kWh. Charging system is Delta-Q Technologies TC Charger. I have 2 x 350 VDC max chargers which charge the battery as two halves. Total charging power is 4 kW. Top speed is 160 MPH (257 KPH) 255 km/h based on the GPS data and trap speed at the end of the main straight at Motorsports Park. Range is short yet it is a race bike – any more than a 6 lap race is a waste! You could probably go about 80 km at 60 km/h, but that would get pretty tiresome. Weight is 466 Pounds (211 Kilograms). It’s about 212 kg race ready. If I could afford carbon wheels and a few other go-fast bits we
could possibly get it below 200 kg. Chris, many thanks, great job and spring is coming! We will be featuring many EV’s of all types here on GTV!

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