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17 February 2018

Green Moon

Not a Full Moon in February yet the Green New Moon is in full motion, seemingly pushing gravity down yet creating new boundaries and opportunities. In this cycle, it is time to renew, appreciate and from Intuitive Astrology, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius represents a positive turning point and a much welcomed breath of fresh air. Since the start of 2018, we have all had to do a lot of releasing and letting go. Perhaps there were things from the year prior that needed to be cleared, or perhaps it was simply the start of the new year that evoked this sense of release and change. The energy surrounding this Eclipse is also different as it falls in the air sign of Aquarius and carries a very gentle, hopeful, and loving energy.
All of this newly created space that we have made in our lives since the start of the year is going to be perfectly filled with this loving, abundant, and positive energy from February’s Solar Eclipse.
This Aquarius energy also gets us to start thinking about the bigger picture and focusing on how our actions and words affect those around us. Under the influence of this Solar Eclipse, we are going to have to step away from seeing things through our own perspective and open ourselves up to see things from a higher perspective. Under this energy, we all have the potential to awaken and to see how our actions, words, and our essence effects the world around us. We may also feel a sense of responsibility in regards to how our attitudes and behaviors are creating a ripple effect around the world. There is an opening or a doorway to higher consciousness through this energy, and the more we can open our minds and hearts, the more likely we are to get a glimpse of true oneness. In closing, I enjoy a full moon, prefer a blue moon yet good with green moons. Happy birthday JackPot and to the many in Aquarius..


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