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11 February 2018

It’s Electric!

A 1990 Mazda converted to electric drive and better than new! The owner of this beauty says “Given the high mileage (157,828 Miles/253,945 Kilometers), extra power being added, and role as a daily driver, I used the conversion process as an opportunity to overhaul the suspension and under-body of the car, including reconditioning the sub-frames and control arms (no rust to speak of, thanks to the dry climate!), fitting new hubs and bearings, polyurethane bushes all-round, larger brakes, and adjustable coil-over suspension”. The conversion took about 12 months of weekends to get it running, and another 6-12 months to refine various bits and pieces. The motor is a Netgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC Limited to 170kW with about 380nm at 0rpm. Batteries are 62 CALB/Skyenergy CA100, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate 27 cells under the bonnet, 27 behind the seats (in the fuel-tank cavity), and another 8 recessed under the boot floor. A contactor isolated the front and rear packs when the IGN key is off. Instrumentation are ZEVA EVMS Core showing SOC on factory fuel gauge (can also show motor temp on factory
gauge, but this is not connected). ZEVA BMS Monitor touch-screen display showing instant voltage, amps, Kw, Aux. battery voltage, chassis isolation, motor temp and state of charge, as well as individual cell voltages and an overall cell summary. The Display is also used to program various parameters and features (such as a digital fuse rating, balance shunt voltage, float voltage to re-set SOC. Acceleration 0-100kmh in 5-6 seconds, gets wheel-spin in 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th. And finally the cost from gas to electric was around $10,000 for the batteries, $5,500 for the
motor and controller, and $6,500 for the rest. Stay tuned for next weeks electric conversion and the latest on ev2018!!!

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