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25 January 2018

High Exercise

Ayad Maher sent in this post and says people should stop holding marijuana accountable for stoners lifestyle, because it’s not the weed mistake and we all know it. As many people may believe marijuana isn’t a stimulant, and there is some truth to this. Marijuana does make us feel content and sometimes numb, and surely it’s one of the reasons why we like to smoke weed, but some of us go a bit too far portraying and confirming the “irresponsible stoner stereotype.” Guilty as charged – Still working on it. In many parts of the U.S., people consider marijuana as, not only a “dangerous” substance but also, a gateway to illegal and even more dangerous drugs; cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. What they don’t realize, however, cannabis became a harmful and dangerous because of its illegality, not the other way around. Read the entire story by Ayad Maher here

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