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23 January 2018

Green Year Round

Year round gardening and the bounty produced is a gift from nature and now just about anyone can do it with guidance and great green lighting. This is just one of innumerable cases of growing indoors which we are now duplicating in our new location. Contact us, set up a face to face and suggestions always welcomed! The solution here at Neurather Gartner became the first German nursery to implement grow lights in 2.5 ha of their nursery. They worked with Philips Lighting’s partners to install the system, which combines Toplighting with Philips GreenPower LED interlighting. Willhelm Baum: “We are very happy with the support we received during this project. A plant specialist from Philips Lighting helped us select the suitable lighting product and light recipe based on the varieties of tomatoes we grow. BE de Lier/Codema and Agrolux were very competent and answered all of the questions we had.” Based on the results achieved in the initial installation, the company installed a similar hybrid grow light system in an additional 5 ha greenhouse in October 2017. Thanks to these lighting installations, fresh, summer­tasting Mini Cherry, Mini Cocktail, Mini Date tomatoes are now found year­round on German supermarket shelves. The first crops were planted in the new 5 ha greenhouse in fall 2017 for the December harvest. “We have already harvested the first tomatoes and they have a better color and taste than those grown without grow lights,” says Wilhelm Baum. “That means we can offer summer quality tomatoes to our customers in the dark months of the year as a locally grown product which is very appealing for certain consumers who are concerned about food safety and food miles.” The first tomatoes were harvested just eight weeks after planting which is about four weeks faster than normal. At the same time, the LED grow lights extend the growing season by four weeks to increase the overall yield per square meter. “We are very happy with our collaboration with Philips Lighting which is a leader in this field. Our ambition is to become the leading provider of local for local products and they are helping us achieve our goal,” says Baum. Keep growing green and stay tuned for growing tips on GreenTV!

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