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16 January 2018

Green Doctors

Rachael Knox and I connected in 2016 and I have followed her families amazing endeavors ever since. The Knox family are near and dear to my heart and mission of patent 7597910 and getting natural, non-toxic green medicine to those in need while educating along each and every step of the way. Justin Moyer of W.P. wrote a recent write-up and shared the Knoxes are a clan of four doctors living in Oregon and California who specialize in medical marijuana. They seem to be doing quite well selling something that is illegal in many states, working with those they know best. “We’re all fighting the same fight,” said Janice Knox, the founding doctor behind American Cannabinoid Clinics in Portland, Ore. — and the mother of two fellow physicians and the wife of the other. “I think when they do see us they’re surprised at who we are,” she said of her patients. The family aims for something not always associated with medical marijuana: professionalism. Knox led the family’s move into medical marijuana in 2012, when she retired from a decades-long career in anesthesiology. One of 15 children, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and went north for medical school in the 1970s. “There were not very many black women or men, at least not at the University of Washington,” she said. “It felt like a cultural shock when I went there. ”Knox stuck it out, choosing a career as an anesthesiologist because she thought — wrongly — it would give her more time to raise children. (A lot more on them in a minute.) After 35 years, however, she got tired of working up to seven days a week. And she got tired of being mistaken for a nurse. “Patients would say, ‘I want a white male doctor,’ ” Knox said. For the rest of the story by Justin, read here…..

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