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14 January 2018

It’s Electric!

It’s Electric, is yours or do you want it to be? People like Jimmy Young take a high maintenance, gas-guzzling beautiful classics and convert to a clean, green, near-silent and fast machines. And electric powered cars have thousands of less parts, no emissions with little to check except windshield wiper blades and tires. Also good for hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained. Sound too good to be true? Ask leading car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, General Motors who are investing billions in electric vehicles. And then there are names like Tesla, Fisker and other relative newcomers leading the old school. Speaking of old school, do you have a classic like Jimmy’s 1968 Triumph that you would like converted to electric? Well there happens to be a group of talented men and women who you can ship your classic to and they will ship it back to you with electric drive, full warranty and safety inspection, turn-key and ready for fun! They carefully disassemble the old parts not needed with electric power, pack and crate in case you might ever want it back to original or for the very least, safe keeping.  The Delaware Electric Car Conversions are in Wilmington, Delaware, my crew will be filming each electric car conversion (with owners permission of course) and feature it on GreenTV’s weekly “It’s Electric”! For more on Jimmy’s beautiful 1968 Triumph featured car of the week, read here…

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