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09 January 2018

Greener Products

Since no man-made product is actually green, you know, without carbon footprint from the time it is produced until reaching it’s final resting space or place, what is a green product or better, a greener product? One of the greenest product people on the planet recently wrote a book about it entitled Greener Products. His name is Al Iannuzzi and he says “Making products greener is becoming mainstream and moving toward being a requirement alongside efficacy and quality. Reduced environmental impact is being viewed as an “and.” There are some exceptions, but greener products will not command a higher price; customers want to have a product that works and is greener too, but not pay more for it. This customer requirement has spanned all types of businesses; numerous examples have been discussed in this book covering a host of product categories—apparel, chemicals, building products, paper products, food, medical equipment, and packaging. Building an eco-innovative product requires a team effort and signals from the field must be gathered to gauge customers’ needs. R&D, procurement, operations, and product stewardship groups need to collaborate to build in the desired attributes. A balanced, clear communications program must be melded together by marketing and delivered by sales groups. Care must be taken when communicating about greener products. First there must be a real authentic science-based story to be told and the message must be simple and transparent to demonstrate how the product or service helps customers with their sustainability needs”. Read the rest of Al’s rest of the story here PS: Pick up a copy of Greener Products here..

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