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04 January 2018

Green Spirits?

After a long, festive holiday, I like to kick back to a great, maybe even have a good green spirit to chill, think about the new year and relax. Truth be told, my choice of relaxation is my own organic medicinal grade, pure cannabis extract yet that is not available (yet) to the overall general public. And so, we bring you the legal thing which is a green spirit of the week and today it is Froggy, and no, not Foggy. These are the official Froggy ratings and must say, I agree with Kara Newman on everything except “suitable for every day consumption”. The weed extract I can do every day without an issue as many can however, I can not recommend Froggy as every consumption because it is rather potent and could leave one a bit truly foggy the next day. Kara came up with a 94–97 Superb A great achievement, 90–93 Excellent Highly recommended, 87–89 Very Good Often good value; well recommended, 83–86 Good Suitable for everyday consumption; often good value and 80–82 as acceptable, can be employed in casual, less-critical circumstances. The Certified green is by Ecocert SAS yet the final decision is yours. Read more about Kara’s evaluations and if you have a suggestion for the green spirit, let us know about it!

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