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31 December 2017

It’s Electric!

This is my pick of a fun little Green car to have at our new film studio in the city of Wilmington, Delaware and sitting in the showroom of Beyond being very green with no gasoline and electric drive, it is also a blast to drive. Our friends at Green Car Reports thought similar. I try very hard to go into each review with an open mind, but in the case of the 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabriolet, I was prepared to dislike it. I expected an anemic driving experience in a vehicle that was somehow both small and cumbersome. I thought the Smart would be an automotive nerd, a vehicle too compromised to work on American roads. I was wrong. After an afternoon of zipping around San Diego, California, I’m sold on the ForTwo Electric Drive. It’s inarguably the best city car on sale today. The addition of an electric drivetrain and a folding canvas roof adds capability and efficiency, as well as a little frivolity, to its fundamental utility. The result is a featherweight charmer. To read the whole review and more,

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