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30 December 2017

Green Doctor Is In!

Dr. Debra Laino is world-renowned sex Doctor and possibly one of the greenest girls on the planet. So the question today is your sex life in 2018 going to be a roller coaster ride this year full of fun or fear this new year? And what has that got to do with green? Rule one, if you are not living a healthy, greened lifestyle, the chance for a wild ride in 2018 may be slim to none. And a big part of that is what you may be buying. If advertised as green juice, food or other pure claims, read twice and re-think. If you are being greenwashed (claiming to be pure and not) by what you consume, you could also be harming your chances of imbalance, dysfunction and much more. To learn more about how going green and having many great green rides this year, read or check in with the good Green Doctor here……

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