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21 December 2017

Green $ Weed

We spoke this week with the world’s top Hemp women who have garnered the attention of the big boys in agriculture, pharma and biofuels markets. Weed Investor who brings small, medium and large investors together announced industrial hemp (think rope, not dope) as one of the most promising the most green, sustainable industry and job growth industry in the USA. Others such as Forbe’s and Business Insider think in terms of $Billions in near-future revenues. With no-limit growth given the thousands of applications in nearly every industry from automobiles to runway fashion, food to water filtration limited only to imagination and guided by the expertise by such names as Barbara Filippone and Summer Star. Given that current demand is in the millions of dollars in orders out-supply demand, it is easy to see why the big boys may feel a bit uneasy and unsure. However, their inactions enable smaller investors to move in now while others speculate or worse, sit on the sidelines. Yet just imagine, the United States leading in green jobs with non-toxic farming, processing and products not only superior in quality but also healthy, antiseptic and easy on the planet! Read more here and get in now…


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