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20 December 2017

Green Spirits?

Is this Chenin Blanc of Wellington, South Africa wine green? Each week I will be reviewing a different spirit, partaking and researching the green claims. The motto is “A time for a change…A time for releaf” stating too often, wine producers rely on harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to maintain their vineyards. But not all wines are the same. One of the things I look for first is Sulfites and then go to statements of greener efforts of sustainable agriculture to bottling, recycling and finally, pour, sniff, sniff, roll around glass, breath and taste. Hint of tropical, fruity yet a tad to dry for the claims, matched with full body. Is it green? The process checks out, reviews are good yet as always, not my choice, it is yours. One to ten on my scale is 6, may try another bottle next month and remember, any ethical green effort is a good one. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for upcoming columns. Until ten, read more at

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