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17 December 2017

It’s Electric! (In Delaware?)

An idea not acted upon is just another idea, another birthday is near and no time like the present. Wilmington, Delaware is the city where many got singed by Fisker and finding like minds for in this city may be a long shot yet it will be unique, profitable and sustaining as this is the future. Going electric IS where the money is. The idea for Delaware is similar to the newly opened Tesla store in Manhattan offering education and multiple sources of income from solar panels, charging stations, energy storage, hardware, financing, insurance and yes, even electric cars! Wilmington is an ideal location, I have 40+ years with green cars and GreenTV to blast the location around the world to offer electrification well beyond just the Tesla car line and Tesla products.This is the link to Tesla’s new store, business plan and shows the process of building what was unheard of only a few years ago

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