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13 December 2017

Green Vaping Products

Near my eminent death 22-years ago, the one thing I attribute to still being here now is my own legal CBD and as explained in a recent Business Insider article. Two decades ago, vaping took a 110-volt machine and patience as the liquid black gold extract was rare, expensive and way Federal prison illegal then. Things are a changing.. The vape pens I and those in my own documented trials are proprietary. In other words, pharmaceutical grade, 3rd party tested, grown and made in an FDA lab here in the USA. Real medicine keeping people very healthy, active, even in extensive travel and crowded places. I have not tested the vapes or vape contents of ones shown in the Business Insider article as I trust my own greens growers, extractors and processing more than any others yet mine are not available until early 2018.  However the B.I. article does explain the who, what and why of something that I wager my life works. So, here it is Vaping 101: What it is, how it works and is the future of cannabis as I saw it in 1995…

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