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08 December 2017

Green Art

Being fortunate to work in the new GreenTV studio, my desk is an antique artists easel where I map out each days story and person/s behind it. Green designer Tanya W. Breck also included displaying original art works by some of the world’s greenest painters like Marcia Wendel, Margey J. Rupert and others in our creative surroundings. We will feature some of these pieces and methods of all natural artistry in upcoming posts. Today’s feature is the third in Marcia’s Western whimsicals depicting what well may have been a calling of the title “Pow Wow Bound” and Native American’s past attending an important event. Many forget travel to another area could include crossing water as well as land so being prepared was of utmost importance. In this case, the family, buffalo ahead and canoe in tow with provisions and even a furry critter remind us of the colorful pride and determination of our very green ancestors who we can still learn much from. Learn more about Marcia, her work and style here…

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