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07 December 2017

Green Medicine

What if you, a loved one, friend or complete stranger was in pain, discomfort maybe even dying and you knew of plant-based medicine that could help them? Something used thousands of years before man-made medicine, no toxicity and no interference with man-made pharmaceuticals? What if you did find it yet medical professionals and even Hospice wanted nothing to do with it? Such was the case with my Mother and I when we were both dying in 1995. Thankfully, times have changed. My Mother did not make it yet I did and now ready to help others find what helps them. Dawn Peacock Owens has taken this a step further and enables the pure, rare plant extracts to be affordable to those who can least afford it like Mothers with Cancer I counsel, Veterans of war, disabled, fixed income and more. In other words, people like you and I who have or may eventually face hardship. Read more about Dawn and her incredible dedication here…

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