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06 December 2017

Green Products

Kate Patton has been interviewed, presented and displayed at Green expos, events and conferences. I met Kate as I have been looking for someone to help create an ethical on-line store to answer the needs of innumerable viewers asking for truly green products. The other demand comes from corporate and government buyers who spend billions annually and most are mandated to buy green! Business 101: If there is a demand in a $Trillion dollar industry, create an ethical supply. When I was presented with Kate’s Phone cover, the first image was not good as the phone industry does not have my green light. However, nearly everyone has a phone, the phone-store covers are toxic and disposed of like drinking cups creating yet another problem. Kate’s answer is rather cool, a superior product, is pretty darn green and affordable. Getting back to my ideal on-store for GreenTV, this would make the list yet Kate has some other ideas including green utensils, musical devices and who knows what! Stay tuned for more on green products and take a look at a really great idea for a gift from Kate here….

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