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02 December 2017

Green Sex!

As a Cancer survivor, I take nothing for face value, nothing for granted and no ones advice unless equally or more qualified. When diagnosed a few decades ago, I was told to go home and prepare to die. And I had only been married a few months! A honeymooner with terminal Cancer, wasn’t this going to be fun for my new wife and I! However, I lived, the marriage did not and I now live a life of near-perfect health (if I meet someone with perfect life, it won’t be on this planet) travel when, where and how I want, preach green living, film, photograph and interview the finest people! If it had not been for a very special person like Doctor Debra Laino, I would not be writing and living the life, literally… Living as green as one can, ingesting quality water, food and the best of nutritional supplements is what works for me and a long list of family and friends all over the world. And everyone in that circle also seems to enjoy a healthy sex life! Doctor Debra’s books explain much, seeing her on-stage is amazing, talking with her in-person is like nothing this humble writer could put in words. However, I did manage to put a film crew together a while back to capture some of her magic and it’s your for the click. See Debra’s video here…

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