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01 December 2017

Green Art!

Marcia Wendel brings an artists touch to the green world. True art, not filled with Photo Shop enhanced images or digital renderings but of imagination from mind and hand to brush and palette! An artistic prodigy, Marcia sold her first painting at the age of 7 at the prestigious Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach, FL. There is no doubt that Marcia had an inherent penchant for the arts. She grew up surrounded by an extensive exposure to art and design. Her mother, Jane Wendel, was a highly regarded interior designer in Palm Beach with the majority of her clients listed in the Fortune 500. Over the years, they traveled to Europe meeting and designing furniture and accessories with Italian artisans.Fishing on the Gallatin is the fifth of Marica’s Western Whimsicals collection. Montana’s rivers have long been a destination for world renowned fishing, and majestic scenery. This piece was inspired by while out fishing with her family on the Gallatin River. Take a look at the works of this amazing artist and learn more about Marcia here…

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